Sunday, March 9, 2008

3D/4D Ultrasound...Continued

This is Drake just relaxing.

Kera smashed against her brothers back side. And Drake with his mouth open :) Look at the cute little nose :)

3D/4D Ultrasound...

So on March 8th Dane got me the best birthday present ever! A 3D/4D ultrasound of our two little ones! Technology is absolutely amazing. Drake I think looks just like Dane. My son is so handsome, I just can't get over that cute little nose and those cute little lips. My heart melts every time I see them. The 3D/4D ultrasound was so amazing. Now every time they kick I can visualize their face. It's a complete bonding experience.
We didn't get very many pictures of Kera, because Drake keeps kicking her in her face, so she's always blocking her face from her brother. The highlight of Kera's time on camera was when she gave us the bird, she just wanted to be left alone :). It was pretty comical. I can't wait for these two and a half months to pass so Dane and I can see these two little babies. Dane and I truly feel blessed. We have such beautiful children!

This picture is Drake's butt, tucked under his butt is his foot, you can see Kera's hand holding his foot back so he won't kick her again :)

This picture is of Kera, her face is kind of smushed :( but she's still a cutie.

This is Drake with his mouth open.... Do you see Dane? I do...

This is Kera buried in her arms trying to stay away from Drake.
This is Drake giving us a little smile.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

My belly that keeps going and going (continued)

23 weeks 3days front

23 weeks 3days side

24 weeks 3days front

New clothes, I can't fit in my others anymore :(

24 weeks 3days side

My belly that keeps going and going!

2o weeks 3days 21 weeks 3days front

22weeks 3days front

21 weeks 3day side

22 weeks 3day side

Monday, February 25, 2008


This weekend Dane and I finished up painting the nursery. Then on Saturday my mommy brought us the crib over, so Dane put that together! Then we headed to Ikea to pick up a few more pieces of furniture, a bookshelf, and a dresser. We still have to add decorations, but it's coming together! I love it!!!! Here are some pictures. :) Enjoy.

Appointment on 2/21/08

Kera 's ProfileDrake looking at you

Drake's profile...Kera looking at you!!!

On February 21st we had another ultrasound and follow up appointment. We went in for our ultrasound and Drake and Kera are getting so big! I was 23 weeks 2 days pregnant. Drake was weighing in at 1lb 5oz, and measuring 23 weeks 5days! Kera was weighing in at 1lb 4oz, and measuring 23 weeks 1day! We seen them kicking each other. Too cute! And we finally got a good profile picture of Kera! She looks just like her daddy from the nose down. She has my forehead. She's so beautiful! We got another great profile picture of Drake, he's our little ham! He takes the best pictures.

After the ultrasound, we had a follow-up appointment. My belly is measuring 31 weeks!!!!! It's crazy, I am so huge, I feel like an elephant, but I guess it's well worth it in the end when we get to hold these two beautiful babies of ours. It's still a complete shock that we are having two. Time is flying by, and we'll have them in only a few months. I am kind of scared, but I know everything will be fine. It's just a tad bit overwhelming.

I'll have to add the ultrasound pictures later, it's on another computer.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Belly pictures as requested by someone special! :)

16 weeks 4 days

17 weeks 3 days
18 weeks 3 days

19 weeks 3 days (front)

19 weeks 3 days (side)